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YUKO Long Lasting Treatment

YUKO™ Long Lasting Treatment (LLT) is an evolution in deep hair conditioning. This 4 step system replenishes damaged hair with essential nutrients,fotifies the cuticle and seals in the moisture and maintain the silky texture for 2-3 weeks. Results can last up to 6 weeks with continued use of home care treatment. The duration of effect may vary depending on hair type and how often the hair is shampooed. An intensive conditioning treatment that replenishes damaged hair with ceramides and natural proteins whilst fortifying the cuticle with keratin.Suitable for all hair types, Long Lasting Treatment (LLT) will leave hair smoother, shinier and nourished. This quick and easy system only takes around 15-20 minutes. This makes your hair feels light, smooth and silky, by penetrating the nutrients.

This service includes:

  1. Hair wash using suitable YUKO™ high quality shampoo.
  2. YUKO™ Long Lasting Treatment (Deep Hair Conditioning).
  3. Hair straightening using YUKO's purpose built hair straightening iron.
YUKO™ Long Lasting Treatment + YUKO™ hair straightening

YUKO™ Long Lasting Treatment (Deep Hair Conditioning) and YUKO hair straightening


 £70.00  £40.00



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