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Have you previously been turned down for permanent hair straightening treatments due to bleached, damaged or fragile hair? Now there is a hope! Revolutionary Momoko™ Japanese hair straightening treatment can permanently straighten not only hair in normal condition but also hair that has been previously been bleached, damaged or are fragile due to lack of strength.

Combining deep conditioning, hair fortifying and nourising pre-treatments together with a wide rate of revolutionary formulations, bleached, damaged or fragile hair can be reshaped and its condition restored by the treatment.

My Beauty Basics is one of the Momoko™registered independent hair straightening service provider.

Treatment is performed in 10 steps by Momoko™ trained hair and beauty professional and takes around 4-5 hours. A free consultation prior to booking the appointment is recommended, to analyse the hair and enable us to choose the appropriate products and technique for your hair depending on hair condition, texture and porosity.

Why Momoko™ Permanent Hair Straightening?

Momoko Straightening is a hair straightening and smoothing treatment which will liberate you from the daily use of straightening irons - think of the extra time you can spend in bed! Why not try the poker straight look for a beautiful glossy finish or opt for natural straight to eliminate frizz, reduce volume and give you an effortlessly smooth style. This permanent reshaping treatment allows you to achieve frizz-free hair that defies humidity which makes it a must have for busy lifestyle or whilst on holidays.

Why choose My Beauty Basics salon for Momoko hair straightening treatment?

  • At My Beauty Basics we are committed to source top rated products and services.
  • Stay up to date with relevant professional skills.
  • Transparent charging model, no hidden costs. We have capped our maximum price for the straightening treatment to £390. Our customers are assured there will be no surprises when they turn up for their free consultation or treatment. 
  • Experienced and professionally trained permanent hair straightening specialist, have been successfully performing straightening treatments since 2013.
  • Large number of satisfied customers choose to come back to us for repeated treatments.
Momoko™ Permanent Hair Straightening - costs
Full payment in the salon using cash, credit/debit cards From £280 - £390 (maximum price capped)
Interest free payment plan option

Sign up for 3 monthly direct debit interest free payments of £50 each. Pay the balance using cash, credit/debit cards on the day of the treatment.

No hidden charges or interests payable to My Beauty Basics.

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Safety Note from Momoko™

How long do the results last?

Hair that has been treated will remain straight and only the regrowth will require a retouch. The average time between treatments is 4-9 months but will depend upon your hair type and how fast it grows. 

Some facts about the Momoko™ treatment

  • Momoko straightening treatment improves hair condition and gives luminous shine
  • Momoko is suitable for most hair types, including colour-treated, bleached, damaged, European, Asian and Afro-Caribbean
  • Permanently reshapes the hair from within
  • Frizz-free results that defy humidity
  • Poker Straight for a glossy finish
  • Natural Straight to eliminate frizz and reduce volume
  • Nourishes and conditions whilst reshaping
  • Low maintenance with minimal styling
  • Average time between treatments 4-9 months

The Science

 An advanced process to reshape and condition the hair from deep within. Momoko™ Hair Shaping treatments owe their excellence to advancements in hair science, developed in Japanese laboratories. Formulated specifically to improve the hair's condition whilst delivering permanent shaping results, the entire treatment process has been meticulously perfected from start to finish.

Permanent Hair Straightening Aftercare Advice

  • Please do not shampoo your hair for at least 48 hours after having permanent straightening.
  • Avoid any form of moisture e.g. excessive perspiration and saunas etc for at least 48 hours after the treatment.
  • Keep your hair as straight as possible i.e. refrain from using hair clips, putting hair behind ears and avoid wearing hats or other head wears for at least 48 hours after the treatment.
  • Do not colour your hair for at least 2 weeks after the straightening.
  • To keep your hair maintained, use a deep-conditioning hair mask once a week.

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